Queenswood Arboretum, Herefordshire, England (forestcrafter on flickr)

   I am posting Herefordshire because I am drinking Herefordshire cider AS WE SPEAK that I bought here at the airport in Gatwick which is where I am sitting as we speak. This is MAGICAL CIDER!! This cider is brilliant. It is bloody brilliant cider so cheers to Herefordshire and England in general that is what I say. It only cost a pound and ten pee except I have had three of them so that is three pounds and thirty pees.

  There are these buses running past these doors  where I am sitting, see, and this floaty voice above me keeps saying "Mind your head. Mind your head." 

   I think this is funny as shit because your mind is inside your head so how can it watch after something on the outside of itself? Anyway I just told this security fellow standing nearby this (well, I was kind of singing ‘Mind your head, mind your head’ and he wanted me to stop) And THEN he says to me “Did you know British cider has alcohol in it, ma’m?”

   WELL I DO NOW, DUDE!!!!! AHAHAHA that is excellent. I have no idea how I am going to get to the hotel although it is just across the car park. I think the security people are discussing this amongst themselves but I CAN HEAR THEM oh yes I can. 


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    i’ll admit it, my eyes have gone from blue to green
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  7. preecer said: Funny reading this whilst in Herefordshire not drinking cider. Bulmers, Westons or Dunkertons?
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    Hereford Herefordshire cider it doesn’t even say hard cider like hard lemonade whoever heard of alcoholic cider I LOVE...
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    TRUE …I’ve had a Hereford Cider last summer in Kington where one of my friend lives….before she gave me a glass of this...
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  11. japheree said: Haha! By way of a telling cultural comparison to this, it wasn’t until I met my pet North American that I realized that Cider could come /without/ alcohol!
  12. queenofthegeese said: Mmm… hard cider is so yummy! And three of them? Wow! ;) I’m so glad that you’ve been enjoying yourself so much. Was your husband terribly upset about that hotel stay? Or just terribly jealous like so many of us are? ;)
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