Books for Anglophiles: ….or anyone who enjoys paranormal mystery, romance, humour and horror beautifully written and set in Victorian England. Clockwork Prince is the first instalment of The Infernal Devices saga by Cassandra Clare; and Clockwork Angel (the second) is just as good if not better. She is also the author of The Mortal Instruments series: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, and City of Fallen Angels which are brilliant as well; these are set in modern-day New York. I didn’t just read these books, I devoured them whole.

  This is my photo I took at Barnes and Noble last week. I did a little photo shoot there and it was great fun!! One of the employees approached me as I set up and rearranged books while crouching on the floor with my camera and asked suspiciously ‘Are you a photographer?’  I sighed impatiently, as if to imply she was interrupting the Creative Process, and waved my hand dismissively. Her affect changed entirely and she squeaked out: 'OOOOO!! Is it for a magazine?' 

   I responded with a haughty look and said ‘THIS is for the Enchanted England publication!’ as if that were the equivalent of the Sun or the Daily Telegraph.

   Then she fetched books for me and brought me tea from that little cafe they have. I love Barnes and Noble.


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    Also check out Demons Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan - not only are her books set in England, she’s best pals with...
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  10. softsilence said: I love the Mortal Instruments series! I’m so excited to start the Infernal Devices series. Ahhh!
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    Cool! I’d read reviews that said these books weren’t very good. I think I’ll give them a shot now, though.
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  15. ivshkovadrian said: I don’t want to annoy you or anything but you made a mistake. Clockwork Prince isn’t the first installment in The Infernal Devices series. It’s Clockwork Angel. Clockwork Prince is the second book of the series :)