Interior of Syon House in Middlesex, England. Syon House is situated in west London and is home for the Duke of Northumberland. This is the Entrance Hall.

   Syon House, dated 1431, is the site where Henry VIII’s fifth wife, Catherine of Howard, was imprisoned on charges of adultery; in February 1432 Henry kindly released her wishing her happiness had her beheaded. True, she WAS guilty of adultery. It is also true that Henry weighed three hundred pounds and had a festering ulcer on his thigh requiring drainage every day. You be the judge.

  And that admittedly genius work of bronze sculpture, The Dying Gladiator, seems an odd choice of decor to greet one, but what do I know? I suppose it puts things in perspective, if you have had a bad day. At least you are not a dying gladiator or having your head chopped off. This photo is from the aforementioned English Country Homes tome by Mary Miers.


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