Saxon Cottage, circa 1550, is a National Trust cottage in Steyning, West Sussex, England. This cat-slide roof (I love that) thatched cottage is one of the oldest in Steyning, a village with a fascinating history behind its local church. Around 700 AD a shepherd named Cuthman's father died, leaving him and his paralised mother destitute. Cuthman rigged up a wheelbarrow with rope and pushed his mother from town to town, begging for a pittance of food, until one day the rope broke. THE ROPE BROKE. Really, how would you feel?

   Anyway, this fellow decided since he couldn’t move Mum further, he would stop awhile and build a church to honour God. Which he did. The Church of St. Andrew’s is still in existence today; and you can visit Cuthmann’s Chapel within to pay your respects to the most positive man in the history of the universe, who is now a saint. (image


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