Billowing white sails and blue blue water!! This is St. Mawes, on the southern tip of Cornwall (the most South West county in England) Besides the first rate sailing waters, the charming, creeper-covered fifteenth century restaurant Smuggler’s Cove is apparently first rate, and Henry VIII's clover-shaped St. Mawes Castle and its larger sister, Pendennis, are there for your inspection as well.

   It sounds pretty good to me, although I can’t say as I’d recommend the St. Mawes Billiards and Social Club, which enthusiastically boasts of "Big Screen TV’s, Barbeque’s, Pool Tables, Snooker Tables, Great Beer, Loads of Laughter and Cracking Atmosphere!" I am sorry, but no matter how craptastically cracking that atmosphere may be, it doesn’t make up for the dreadful punctuation of the website OR the fact that one must pay a "temporary membership" to join in the loads of laughter or stare stupidly at those great giant tellies. (the lovely image is from Adam and Debbie at Classic Sailing)


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