Anglophile + Bibliophile + Most Excellent Used Bookstore= Ecstasy!!!  There is a used bookstore near my house that is everything a used bookstore should be- crammed with teetering piles of books; stacked with random, antiquarian, out-of-print books; stocked and shelved with ancient treasures just waiting to be discovered. A fat grey tabby cat meanders the aisles and rubs against your legs while a little old woman with tufts of cotton-candy hair hunches over the desk, writing out her receipts with a quill pen and ink.  

  Yesterday I found five enthralling tomes; but English Social History, with its yellowed old pages and musty smell, hid a delightful surprise within: the folded-up original receipt from John & Edward Bumpus, Booksellers on Oxford Street in London, written out in 1941. It would be most embarrassing to tell you how excited I was over this. 


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