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   Your afternoon autumnal ambrosia from Kew Gardens, officially known as The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in southwest London, England. If you are a gardener, plants-man, botanist, herbologist, or flower lover, this is your dream world. Kew contains a bazillion gardens, dozens of botanical greenhouses, the world’s largest collection of plants, a library of books, botanical illustrations, photographs, letters, and manuscripts (over a million items) AND they do forensic research. Yes, they do. The Kew forensic scientists ascertained the contents of the stomach of a headless corpse found in the Thames to contain a highly toxic African bean.

   Although that really leads to more questions if you ask me, because when that bean got in the corpse’s stomach the head was obviously still on it. And why make someone eat that poisonous bean if you knew you were gonna cut their head off anyway? It is a case for Sherlock Holmes. (anyway, this is from Creative Commons)